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20th June 2018

Simple Business Ideas for Aspiring Mompreneurs

Many moms with dreams of starting their own business are looking for a coach or a guide to help them navigate the world of entrepreneurship. If you are one of them, then do not waste your time and get hints from few of the most lucrative ways to earn money while raising your kids.

Freelance writing

A freelance writer enjoys the comfort of working anywhere she feels like. You can be at your home or at school with your kids and use your laptop to earn money. Although it sounds easy, yet it does require dedication and linguistic skills every mom does not possess. Freelancing also provides a good amount of remuneration to those who achieve expertise in the field of writing.

Thus, you can easily use your hold on grammar and editing to earn money while looking over your kids and managing the family ventures.

Making handmade products

Have you ever realized the value of your craftsmanship? Many business women have used the skill of producing beautiful handmade products to establish a thriving business. Jewelry and pottery are the most common products sold by such entrepreneurs. You can use social media marketing techniques to build your audience and sell goods at eBay, Amazon etc.

Such businesses have a greater gestation period as building trust among people needs time. However, once this trust is established you can gain immense profits from it. Furthermore, the project will also provide employment to a number of other homemakers.


An eye for photography never rests and it can surely bring home some great profits. Being a mother, you do need time off from raising your kids. What if you use that time for reigniting your interest in photography. In the beginning, you can build a social media page dedicated to kids. You can capture their innocent expressions and continue the page till they grow up. It will not only bring attention to your talent but will also bring money in the form of endorsements.

On the other hand, developing a full-blown business requires space, equipment, marketing, capital, team, and time. Start small and if you are willful nothing can stop you from building a thriving business.

Nutrition Consultant

It has been noticed that a majority of homemakers are sensitive about healthy living. Thus, you can use your knowledge of nutrition and personal experience to educate other such individuals. You can either start a YouTube channel or meet clients at your home. Remember, most of the clients will ask about your qualification so it’s better to be a certified nutrition consultant.

One should know that uploading content on an online channel is way easier than operating a brick and mortar business. Moreover, starting a specific channel for homemakers will likely make you an inspiration for many.

Overall, becoming a mompreneur is not difficult but it’s also not a piece of cake. Your management skills will be thoroughly tested. You will also face some ‘not-so-comfortable’ situations frequently which could be a very frustrating experience. Nevertheless, it is a risk worth taking.