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10th October 2018

Secrets to Success That No One Will Tell You About

Life is hard. Business is even harder. Let me tell you about the 4 secrets every entrepreneur learns the hard way, including me, to save you from unwanted situations and create your business empire.

Take hints from the greats

You cannot just blindly start a business. It requires an idea, days of pondering, lots of question and many advices. Our way to develop a new business gets paved if we try to learn from the lives of other successful momprenuers.

One can take a lot of education from those who have succeeded and those who have failed. Just Google some names and you will get to know about the unacknowledged truths of an entrepreneur. Moreover, you will get information about the requirements and legalities needed for building an empire. Once Tony Robbins said, “success leaves clues” as you can become fortune by following its steps.

Passion is more important than hard work

Sometimes a mom has to start a business out of desperation in cases like divorce and unpaid bills. It is impossible to gain profit from a business you do not love, leave alone the possibility of making it big. If you are interested in being an entrepreneur, then do what you love or something which relates to it. Your product and services can fulfil a need of the industry and make you feel content at the same time.

Look around, all the successful momprenuers who transformed a start-up into a profit churning machine were passionate about everything they did. When you do something out of sheer affection and devotion then chances of it becoming successful increases manifolds.

Remember, hard work is important, but business needs care and nourishment and a mom knows a lot about it.


Before starting the field work you should create a list of personal and professional priorities. Write down all the things that matter and rank them according to their importance. It will not only save you from getting confused in various aspects of life but will also keep you updated about the reason for doing business on the first note. Your energy will be channelized in different actions making you more focused, sane, and organized.

There are innumerable examples of people who got stuck in managing their priorities and suffered huge losses. Moreover, being a homemaker, you have added responsibilities you cannot run from. So, it is better to clear your mind to make quick and logical decisions to drive your business in the long run.

Do whatever is right for you

We are not robots and no plan can guarantee success for everybody. You should understand that there are different routes to success and you have to find yours too. Although, a mother cannot bear too many financial failures, yet she would have to adopt the trial and error method to find the sweet spot of success. It’s the harsh reality and you will have to go through it in order to transform your present and build your future.

After finding your path to glory stick to it no matter how hard it seems as business demands more than your efforts and contacts, it calls for unforeseen determination.

Keep in mind that these secrets won’t work unless you have a solid plan for your dreams.