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20th December 2018

Salesmanship Is an Art and You Must Learn It

Salesmanship is an important part of entrepreneurship. As a small business owner, you would have to handle the sales department of your business and ensure that the revenue dollars keep pouring on. However, making a sale is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here is how you can develop this necessary ability and make your firm grow quickly.

Understand your product

Before making a sale, you should understand your product and believe that it can solve a problem. You should know if a product is too expensive or cheap as compared to its counterpart, if it has more or less features and why it is a good buy for your target audience. Before convincing anyone else, convince yourself that your product is the right fit to solve a problem. It is not necessary that your product is a ‘perfect’ solution but it must solve a pain point and leave some scope for improvement.

Create a value proposition for your product

Your product must provide some value to your customers. Let’s assume that you are a baker. There could be hundreds of home-bakers in your city that sell cupcakes for $7. What makes your $5 cupcake better than theirs apart from the price? People are very conscious about the quality-price relationship. You don’t just have to sell them something cheap but also ensure that they don’t consider your product a low-quality buy.

Negotiate, don’t manipulate

Manipulation isn’t a good tactic if you want to sell your product. It may work like a charm once but once your buyer realizes that you used manipulative tactics, they may decide not to buy from you ever again. Not only this, they may leave you bad reviews as well. On social platforms, these bad reviews spread like wildfire. You don’t want to get stuck in a PR disaster because of your under-the-table sales strategies.

Always respect truth and honesty

No product or service is perfect. Your customers may face a problem while using your products. Be truthful, accept a fault if it exists and satisfy your customers. Even if the fault is not your own, you must try and pacify the customers. Be honest and maintain a helping perspective towards your customers. This attitude will let you keep customers in the long run. At the same time, accept honestly from your customers also. If they have a problem, a feedback, or a suggestion, accept it gladly and do your best to get over issues.

Don’t pressure to buy

A good product will definitely find takes. You don’t have to consistently coerce someone to buy your products. A user can block your number, email address and social media account at the click of a button if you appear too desperate for business. Let people know your product is good, let good word of mouth spread and gently suggest people to try what you are selling.

Make each of these steps an essential part of your sales strategy and you will notice a marked improvement in your revenue numbers. Let me know your experience in the comments below.