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Keeping productivity at the highest without spending thousands of dollars on ‘motivating’ yourself and your employees could be intimidating. However, a few hacks and one day spent in planning your business schedule could not only help in increasing productivity but also in making you and your employees happier. Get ready to dive!

Schedule regular meetings in advance

Do you or your managers have the habit of calling a meeting every now and then? What a great waste of time. You should be scheduling most team meetings in advance. For instance, schedule a 30-minute team meeting on Monday mornings or Friday evenings so that everyone stays in the loop. Let team members know that a meeting is upcoming, so they can ask questions, make suggestions and discuss their issues with you. Also, ensure that this meeting is no longer than 30 minutes. This will help prioritize tasks for the teams as well.

No meeting days

Companies like Facebook and Asana have no meeting Wednesdays. Other companies also dedicate one day each week where no meetings should be scheduled. They could be huge time wasters on several occasions, depleting team energies instead of motivating people. You too can decidbuy thesis online good topics for a informative speeche to keep one day of the week meeting-less. The results are truly spectacular.

10-minute meetings

Are you still visiting coffee shops and hotel lobbies to meet people? Just like team meetings, this type of schedule events could also be huge wastes of time. Consider the time you spend traveling, waiting and doing the regular small-talk. You can’t afford to do this regularly. Instead, schedule meetings on the phone. If something demands more attention, use Google Hangouts, Skype or something similar. Make sure that you don’t spend more than 10 minutes on each meeting. Schedule one day of the week or one hour of the day doing these small 10-minute meetings and your life will be sorted automatically.

Work in blocks

What does your work usually include? For an entrepreneur, it could mean meetings, calls, emails, team pep talks, travel and more. The most successful time managers like to schedule different types of jobs into different blocks. For instance, dedicate the first 30 minutes of your day to email, the next 10 minutes to checking your schedule, the next hour to getting your work done and so on. In this method, you are only allowed to work on things within the specified chunks. You cannot answer emails after your first 30 minutes are over. While this could be uncomfortable at first, you will realize that your life is much better.

Break all tasks into subtasks

The small psychological victories that you achieve on completing these subtasks are the thing. They are like little dopamine boosters that let you know that you are in the right direction. Creating smaller subtasks also helps you in managing your work more effectively.

The more systematic your task flow, the easier it will be to manage your life. Create multiple reminders for events, ensure that people know about and respect your schedule and that there are ample opportunities for you to be flexible.

Don’t fret over each passing minute

Most people believe that schedule management is all about counting every minute and dedicating a task to it. This kind of schedule management is impossible and disastrous, to say the least. Flexibility is an important part of your schedule. Some tasks may take longer than you expected, and it is natural. Fretting over it would only create problems for you and ruin your whole day. Instead, be flexible enough to ensure that you get the job done at the end of the day, even if some things don’t go as planned.

Breathe and relax

Do you notice how bad it feels when people are consistently checking their phones and answering texts and emails while talking to you in person or eating their lunch? Such habits are not making you any more productive. Instead, they are taking away your peace of mind. Therefore, make sure that you dedicate lunch, coffee, dinner, breakfast and family time only to yourself and the people you love. That email can wait till later.

These were a few small but simple things that could help you in creating a better business schedule. Try them all for a month and see yourself faring better.

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