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15th September 2018

Online Tools Every Mompreneur Needs For Her Business

Every business needs an online presence- ranging from its own website to its social media pages. Mompreneurs often have to win a race against time while managing their business and well as their kids. In such a situation, keeping some useful online tools handy is a good way to keep things neat and organized. Ready? Here we go.

Google Analytics

As soon as you set up your website, create a Google Analytics account. Now, add your website to this account. Google will provide you with a small tracking code that can be added to your website. This 5-minute process will help you track all the people who visit your website. You can learn about their country, city, the devices they use to visit your website, their interests, and the time they spend on your website as well.


A simple, easy to use and highly intuitive cloud solution is integral for every business. Dropbox provides you all of this and that too for free. The cloud file sharing service lets you store pictures, documents and more. You can also share them with your clients, friends, or anyone else. The good news is that you can share anything and everything and access all your files on desktop or mobile devices.


You will have to work with several software applications while managing a business. The GSuite provides it all and that too for free. If you have a Google email address, you can use the GSuite to get a word processor, a slideshow presentation maker, a spreadsheet and even an application for letting people fill forms. Everything is stored securely on the cloud and you can access it wherever you want. Sharing is easy, and you can even contribute to things in real time. Not to forget, the best email software in the world- Gmail is always at your service.


This simple social media management application works on both desktop and mobile devices. Simply connect your social media accounts and start posting like a pro. You can schedule posts, answer to comments and direct messages from the platform and even get reports about your performance. The good thing about the application is that its features are available for free as well. If you have just started your business, this application can save you hundreds of dollars and help you establish a more dominating social media presence as well.


This is every business’ trusted software for sending email newsletters. MailChimp allows you to create beautiful, simple newsletters, even if you don’t have any previous coding or designing experience. The good news is that it is exceedingly easy to use and provided A/B testing of mails as well. You can get accurate analytics data from the newsletters you send. This is a good way to keep your audience hooked to your offering.

These applications and tools help in making a good business better. It will not only improve the way you reach your target audience but will also help you in understanding what your users want. Try them and let me know your experiences.