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28th February 2018

How to Be a Super Productive Mompreneuer

As a mompreneur, you are managing two full-time jobs at once. You will have to create a super-productive schedule that allows you to do justice to both your responsibilities.

I understand that doing this could be difficult. From my initial days of running around and doing chores while answering client calls to becoming a chilled-out boss woman, I have learned several things about productivity. Learn from these simple tips and you will be able to manage business and mommy duties together easily.

You can’t do everything

Understand that you can’t do everything yourself. When you are giving time to your business, you will have to ask for help or outsource some household responsibilities in order to be productive. Don’t try to fix the sink when it is broken, hire a plumber. If the kids have grown older and can wash the car or mow the lawn for some extra pocket money, let them do it. Ask your partner to help you in household chores as well. Your life will be easier.

Wake up earlier

Burning the midnight oil helps some people get the work done in total silence when everyone is asleep. However, mornings are usually more productive, and they don’t wind you down as much as an all-nighter would. Start by waking up 15 minutes earlier than your schedule and increase the time to one hour. The goal is to ensure that you wake up at least one hour sooner than others.

During this time, tackle the most important business tasks. You can also prep for the breakfast in the meanwhile. It will also help you stay relaxed during the rest of the day. This will help you in handling all your tasks more easily and leave some time for you during the afternoon when you can take a small nap or focus on mundane tasks.

Napping is important

As your sleep schedule will change and you will work harder than usual, a nap would be a blessing in disguise for you. Ideally, finish the most daunting tasks by morning and nap in the afternoon. You deserve a little sleep after the work. Napping in the afternoon will help you in staying healthy. It has been scientifically proven that napping helps in building powerful memory, keeps you alert during the rest of the day and ensures that you never carry a sleep debt.

Prepare meals in advance

Take time out on Sundays to prepare some meals in advance for the week. This could include cutting and chopping vegetables, buying, and refrigerating meats, creating a meal plan for the week, and making some salads, smoothies etc. for quick snacking. You could even keep all ingredients for a recipe in one box (sectioned) and then quickly cook, sauté, fry or bake them when needed.

On busy days, you could get some pre-cooked meals or make simple yet delicious recipes that could provide you the right taste as well as stress-free cooking.

Now go ahead and be your productive best. We hope that you raise great kids and a successful business too! Good luck!