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20th January 2018

Can You Use Instagram To Launch Your Own Business?

Consumer brands can be worth billions of dollars and celebrities already know that social media is a powerful weapon for marketing their brands and reaching their target audience. Take Kylie Jenner for example. Her Lip Kits and other makeup products have become a rage amongst her Instagram followers. Everybody wants her looks and she sports her products in style. Rihanna’s Fenty makeup line is exactly the same.

These celebrities have leveraged the power of social to create great, lasting businesses and you can do it too. If you are already active on this platform, you probably know some ways to gain followers and gain eyeballs on this platform. If not, let us help you.

Instagram is a Facebook-owned image based social media platform where you post pictures instead of ‘status messages’. You have the option to post ‘ethereal pictures’ or videos that vanish within 24 hours. The feature is called Stories and is like the Snapchat stories feature. You find the same on Facebook as well as its popular messaging app WhatsApp.

Gaining a following on Instagram is relatively easy, considering the number of people that use it every day. However, to keep your audience hooked and to actually sell something, you need to post content that they like. You will need a clear-cut content strategy that defines the time you post, the type of content you put out as well as the target audience for these posts.

To get started, you will need an Instagram account. Though it is not mandatory, it will be better if you create a separate account for your work and connect it with your Facebook page. This will reveal a hidden side of Instagram that you never knew about, called Instagram for Business. It provides you tools to identify how your post is performing and also lets you promote it to a wider audience. Moreover, a business account also lets you add ‘contact details’ like email address and a phone number to let people contact you directly.

Now, start researching the type of content that people in the same business are posting. If you have a bakery, you should be making small videos like other bakers to stay in the competition. Make sure that you understand your demographic. If your target audience are other moms aged 25 to 35, making videos for older women wouldn’t help you cause.

Now, make a content posting plan. Check the time when your competitors are posting and find out when your target audience is available online. Also check out the content formats that your audience would engage with the mots- is it a picture or a video or both. Then, create content and start posting.

By using a small number of relevant hashtags, you will be able to gather more attention, become popular in your target demographic and make the sales figures jump. Remember, the more active you are on the platform, the better results you will get. Promote good posts from time to time and keep dishing out more content for the audience. This is your key to success.