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1st April 2018

Busy Mom with a Dream? Here Is What You Can Do

Motherhood is a full-time job. Days become weeks and weeks become months, all without you acknowledging that you have a dream that needs to be fulfilled. Take a clue from other busy moms who are creating successful businesses and raising awesome kids, all at the same time. Whether you are 20 or 35, there is a dream that you can accomplish without giving up on your mommy duties.

If you have a dream to become successful, run a business and become your own boss, follow our guide to become double sure that your desires can manifest.

Decide what you want to do

As a mompreneur, simply desiring to run a business won’t work. You must decide the path you wish to take in order to become successful.

The business you want to start depends upon the kind of resources you have, the type of problems you want to solve and the education you have (thought it is not necessary). It may also depend on the state you live in, the kind of opportunities available to you, your financial status and more.

However, before you ‘decide’ which business you should do, let’s think about what you really ‘want’ to do. Remember, resources can always be gathered if you are passionate about your idea.

Decide what it takes to make your dream a reality

You maybe a fine arts graduate who wants to start a commission painting business. You may also be a B-school graduate willing to create a technology business. You could also be a law school dropout who has a wonderful idea to bring her grandmother’s old recipes back to life.

Once you have decided what you wish to do, decide what it takes to get there. For example, you may have to dedicate 20 hours a week to finding clients, making accounts, and marketing. You may need to leave the kids with a babysitter or with family for 2 days every week, so you can attend to your business and more. Track down every little thing you will need to prepare in order to create your business.

Can you take the leap?

Now that you know what you ‘want’ to do and what it takes to get there, ask yourself if you are ready to take the leap understanding the risks and rewards of your decision. If you don’t feel ready to embark on the journey yet, don’t feel sorry. If one business idea doesn’t look too feasible, go, and find another one. If the idea doesn’t look feasible right now, go ahead and gather the resources it would take first. For example, if you need to learn painting before starting your own business, go ahead and do it.

Remember, starting a business isn’t child’s play. As a mother, you have learnt patience and determination, and this could take you forward in your journey as a successful entrepreneur.

What are you thinking about? Get started now. Motherhood wouldn’t be a hurdle, but a blessing that helps you become stronger and more dedicated.