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Business Owner, Blogger, Wife
and Good at it!

About us

Wife. Mother. Woman.

Society has come along leaps and bounds in terms of how women are perceived, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got a long way to go. I am of an age where women were only just emerging from oppression and beginning to become the strong and powerful beings that we are slowly but surely becoming.

I’m not going to whinge and whine that I had it ridiculously hard, because, in comparison to my predecessors, it really wasn’t that bad. But it was trying. Every day, I haenglish homework informative essay topics 2018d to work relentlessly, giving 110% every single second of every day to even be considered close to the mark that all the males around me were seemingly handed on a silver platter.

But, I persevered and I triumphed. Coming out on top of a business class that was made up of 85% men.

And from there I continued to blossom.

Who I Am

I am Lorene – no need to talk about the name, I know you’ve probably never heard it before! I was born on the West Coast and went to one of the best business schools in not only the country but the world. I graduated top of my class.

I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go with my qualifications, but I knew it was going to be something big.

So I built my own business. I won’t give away all my secrets just yet – you’ll have to read the blog to find out! But I will say that I have been through the mill and have plenty of experience to help me help you.

I wasn’t just a businesswoman though. Throughout my meteoric rise, I continued to maintain a social life – meeting and marrying the man of my dreams and giving birth to two wonderful children, who I have raised with only minimal help from a nanny.

What My Blog Is

My blog is an extension of my success in the business world. I started this up after my business began running itself thanks to smart hiring, I had a bit of extra time as my kids got older and got hobbies so my wonderful husband suggested I turn to the internet for a creative and useful outlet.

So that’s how Lorene Publications started. Now it gets thousands of hits every month and has become one of the key sources for business information for all genders – but mainly women.

It will help describe how to get that illustrious work-life balance, how to shut down haters and how to ignore the naysayers and be who you were born to be – a powerful, capable woman.


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