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6th February 2019

3 Books to Read in 2019

It may be quite difficult to choose what to read with so many options around. Finding just the right book to read may actually be overwhelming. For that reason, we give you a few options that you should not miss this year. This is just to make life simpler for you. Read on to find 3 of the best books to read in 2019.

Books to Read in 2019

So, below are the books that you should get your hands on this year whenever you want to take a break from best usa betting sites. We promise these books will keep you immersed in fantasy.

The Water Cure

This book by Sophie Mackintosh was released on the 8th of January. The book has a futuristic and fable-like story which is centred on 3 sisters. Their father dies and they are on a mysterious island. The sisters and their mother have to grapple with his sadistic legacy. Before their father died, he claimed that there were toxins that were making the outside world uninhabitable. We really think this new writer is talented and we loved reading this story. If you love slots online you’re going to love it too!

Ghost Wall

Sarah Moss wrote this one and it was released on the 8th of January too. This brusque British novel is centred on a family that is in an experimental community. They try to live as close to the Britons lifestyle in the Iron Age as possible. The re-enactments in this book are loaded with split moments ripe with social commentary. Soon, there are divisions in the camp which bring in a lot of suspense.

An Orchestra of Minorities

Nigerian Chigozie Obioma is the author of this book that was released on the 8th of January. The book is based on The Odyssey. It follows a poultry farmer who works on himself to become worthy of a wealthy woman that he falls in love with. This is after he saves her life.